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Making the Change to Fence Guardian

Commonly Asked Questions


->I am under contract with an electric security fence company.

If you are still under the original three-year contact, there is not much you can do. However, after the three years are up they don’t lower your monthly rate; you are now on a month-to-month basis and can drop their service at any time.

->My vendor provides 24/7 monitoring of the fence status, and will call the police when the alarm is triggered.

They use a central monitoring station for monitoring their fences. We employ a U.L. Listed central station to monitor the status of the fence, and will also report to the police, owners, managers, etc., as you so designate.

For a small additional fee, we will also provide a report of every date and time the fence was armed and disarmed, including the user code that was used.

->They supply us with Roundup, to keep the weeds down and the fence clear.

To keep our prices as low as possible, we suggest you buy your own supply of Roundup as needed, which is much less expensive.

In our experience, most of the Roundup these companies ship ends up at your employee’s homes.

-> What about false alarms?

Fence Guardian utilizes the Fence Hawk monitor, which has state-of-the-art design programming and totally eliminates false alarms from lightning, spurious electrical pulses and voltage surges.

The Fence Hawk monitors the absolute fence voltage instead of monitoring random voltage changes. See FenceHawk.com for more information.

-> What about power outages?

Our state-of-the-art electronics are so efficient that a small 12 volt, 7 amp-hour battery will keep the system running for two to three days. If you desire longer backup times, we can supply it.

->What about solar power?

Solar is a feel-good product, useful only where utility power is not available. We can supply it, if you wish.

From a cost standpoint, it will take 40+ years to break even, compared to the electricity cost of running a Fence Hawk and energizer.

From a security standpoint, solar powered systems are considered backups, and are not reliable enough to be used in a security environment.

-> What about their patented technology?

That patent is over 30 years old – it’s old technology.¬† Their outdated technology is sensitive to voltage pulses from lightning, etc. and will not sense the slow drop of fence voltage from the growth of weeds and foliage.

We’ve seen fences where the fence voltage is measured at less than 300 volts, making it virtually useless. Why settle for old, unreliable technology, even when encased in a shiny new box?

-> Maintenance cost and repair?

An electric security array is basically an electric fence. Fence Guardian carries the most comprehensive and complete warranty in the business, including a lifetime warranty against lightning strikes to the Fence Hawk.

-> What about multi zone capabilities for faster response and higher reliability?

Fence Guardian offers unlimited security zones with computer control and display available. We recommend separate security zones every 300-1,000 ft., and can convert your existing fence.

Why settle for single zone capability, and spend the night looking for a shorted or cut wire?

-> Fence Guardian Policy and Pricing

Fence Guardian crews will inspect, repair and upgrade your existing fence.

We work with you to minimize or eliminate any trouble areas that you may have.

Fence Guardian installs the electronics, including supplying a higher voltage and higher joule rating fence energizer, a state-of-the-art voltage sensor and monitoring device (the Fence Hawk), and state-of-the-art central station reporting equipment. We use your existing phone lines, with cellular backup available if desired.

Fence Guardian will do all the above in a three- or five-year contract that can be as low as 50% of your current monthly charge.

You will actually own the fence; ours is a true, you-own-it lease.

At the end of the initial contract period, your maintenance and monitoring fee will drop to $100 per month.

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