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Electric Fence Safety and Liability Considerations

perimeter security electric arrayIs an electrified security fence safe? Will I get sued when someone gets zapped?

Actually, an electric fence is the SAFEST kind of security barrier you can install.

Let’s Look at the Facts

Somebody climbing over a barbed wire-topped chain link fence – or even a plain chain link fence – can get hung up or seriously cut, and that can lead to tetanus, hepatitis C, gangrene and even amputation. Nobody gets sued.

Concertina WireA fence topped with razor wire is even more dangerous, and you see them everywhere. Criminals try to cross them, often getting seriously injured. Nobody gets sued.

People fall when trying to scale walls. Nobody gets sued.

Covering the top of a wall with broken glass can lead to serious injuries, but a thief will sweep the glass out of his way with his crowbar. Nobody gets sued.

Wrought iron fences are dangerous, too. Intruders manage to impale themselves on the top and are sometimes trapped for hours, bleeding profusely. Nobody gets sued.

Even with all of these inherent dangers, people install these kinds of fences without thinking twice about liability. Why should they worry? If someone gets hurt trying to break in, it’s their own fault, isn’t it? They committed a crime the moment they started climbing the fence, and who has pity on criminals when they get hurt by their own stupidity? Nobody gets sued.

bobbed wireThe smooth wire electric fence is the safest type of fence. Nobody can get accidentally maimed by it, cut by it, nobody can break an arm or leg falling off of it, because it can’t be climbed, and it won’t cause puncture wounds, cuts, shredded skin, infections, tetanus, hepatitis C, gangrene or amputations.

rental fence replacementIt’s an illogical argument when people stridently warn, “An electric fence will get you sued!”

The same people wouldn’t hesitate to put in an electric fence to keep their horses and cattle in a pasture, but they think it would be wrong to put up an electric fence to keep intruders at bay. There’s no difference. A fence is a fence, no matter what your intentions are perceived or presumed to be when you put it up.

Most fence energizers sold in the US are UL listed, which means they’re “safe for humans.” To prove it, here’s a one minute video of little kids playing with an electric fence:

As we just saw, an electric fence is safe, even for little kids. Speaking from experience, little boys thrive on it. Hurts like hell, but it’s quite a thrill. It’s a lot more fun than getting cut up on a barbed wire fence, or having your jeans get caught on the top of bare chain link. Been there, done that. Lived to tell the tale. Nobody got sued.

Idiots self-righteously warn, “You’ll get sued!” Wrong. Why would I? Because the shock “hurts?” Does it? Where’s your evidence? Are you bleeding? It doesn’t even leave a burn mark, like “humane” stun guns do. Compared with other fence injuries, I’d call it “unpleasant.” How hurt can you be, if you’re not bruised or bleeding, and nothing’s broken?

It’s more humane than a legal stun gun, and a heck of a lot safer than barbed wire. Self defense is legal. The person was committing a crime the moment they tried to climb the fence. They simply got their hand slapped when they did it. Nobody gets sued.

It might be social conditioning by the wimpy, politically correct, cowardly crowd that causes this “liability” reaction – fear that you’re going to kill someone. Most people are blindly afraid of electricity and can’t see the difference between a pulsed shock electric fence and an electric chair. That’s good, because it means there will be an unreasoning fear of your electric security fence. Nothing is better than fear to scare the thieves away in the first place. Prevention is worth a pound of cure, and all that. But true liability is minimal.

The fear of electricity works to your advantage. Since people are intimidated by electric fences, the intimidating appearance will keep almost all of the criminals at bay. Satisfied customers tell us 99.9% of the criminals drive by and keep going, looking for easier targets. The other few take a zap, become believers, and flee.

In Conclusion

To make it perfectly clear: An electric perimeter security array powered by a UL approved fence energizer is not only the most effective type of fence there is, it’s also the most humane and the safest, especially in terms of potential liability.

The other forms of fenced security, like barbed wire, razor wire, broken glass on walls and spikes atop wrought iron, are medieval and barbaric – but nobody gets sued.

- Dr. Jim Carey, Fence Guardian, Inc.

How an electric fence works:

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